Recognition of vocational qualifications for the purpose of transfer on the European job market


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The platform supports the development of human resources, processes of creating and updating descriptions of professional competences in order to build and improve the quality of the programme offer in two professions: electrician and motor vehicle mechanic.

The platform is a result of the research works carried out within the framework of the project entitled Recognition of professional qualifications for the purposes of transfer on the European labor market, Erasmus+ , implemented by institutions from Poland, Germany and Portugal. The works concerned research on comparative systems of formal vocational education and training systems, identification of educational results common and differential to partner countries, a unified model of recognition of professional competences for all partner countries.

The results of comparative tests of formal vocational training systems (run by schools, craftsmen or other educational institutions) in Poland, Germany and Portugal in the electrician and motor vehicle mechanic professions showed similarities and differences in the educational outcomes (the research report is available on the website of the project:

Are your professional competences sufficient to work abroad as an electrician, motor vehicle mechanic?

You can find the answers to this and other questions on our website!

Information on the consistence or inconsistence of your professional competences with the expectations of Polish, German and Portuguese employers, recommendations for further career development can be obtained by conducting a self-assessment of professional competences.

The available database of search engines for educational institutions will make it easier to choose the right field for continuing vocational training, according to where you live or work, where you can acquire new skills, or have your competences evaluated by competent certification bodies and obtain a proof of your qualifications.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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