Reconhecimento de qualificações profissionais para efeitos de transferência no mercado de trabalho europeu


In Germany, certificates of vocational education can typically be acquired within the dual educational system.

General contents of dual vocational education:

  1. occupational safety regulations
  2. planning and conducting business activities
  3. occupational foreign language skills

Detailed contents of vocational education in the profession of motor vehicle mechatronics technicians, specialising in private motor vehicle technology, can be found in the examination regulations and the framework curriculum. The examination regulations also provide detailed descriptions of the competence bundle which should be presented in the final examination. Moreover, the examination subject of the two examination parts is presented in a detailed way.


Motor vehicle mechatronics technicians – specializing in private motor vehicle technology

Part 1 (before the end of the second year of training)

The candidate has to demonstrate in producing a functional electric system part that he / she is able to:

  • plan the workflow, research, analyse circuit diagrams and their functions, chose work equipment and measuring devices, conduct and document measurings
  • observe regulations concerning technology, workflow, environmental protection, safety and health in the context of maintenance
  • present problems and their solutions using profound knowledge and justify the modus operandi
  • conduct measurements and checks
  • locate errors and interferences and their causes

Part 2 (at the end of training):

In the four examination areas of part 2 the candidate has to demonstrate that he / she is able to:

  • customer order
  • motor vehicle technology and maintenance
  • diagnostic technology
  • economics and social studies

a) Examination area customer order

  • plan, conduct and document customer orders
  • communicate with customers with the help of communications systems
  • explain and handle vehicles and their systems
  • putting automotive systems into and out of operation
  • diagnose with the help of diagnostic systems and locate errors and interferences
  • maintenance and retrofitting of motor vehicles and their systems
  • documentation and analysis with the help of test certificates and records
  • present problems and their solutions using profound knowledge and justify the modus operandi

 a) Examination area Motor vehicle technology and maintenance

  • describe automotive systems and their functions
  • fault analysis, analysis of technological and mathematical issues, presentation of solutions and approaches
  • apply regulations and norms in the fields of security, health, environment, licensing and admission, maintenance, quality management and customer focus
  • chose spare parts, tools, measuring instruments and checking devices as well as workshop equipment and other devices considering manufacturers‘ instructions
  • plan actions considering internal processes
  • use sector software and means of data evaluation
  • description of workflows in the field of high voltage systems considering safety instructions

b) Examination area Diagnosis

  • fault analysis, analysis of technological and mathematical issues, presentation of solutions and approaches
  • evaluate information provided by sector software
  • localise faults and errors as well as their causes systematically
  • appliance and evaluation of devices for measurements, checks and diagnosis as well as customeres‘ hints

d) Examination area economics and social studies

  •  Demonstrate and assess general economic and social aspects of the world of work and employment. Knowlegdge about vocational education and training, employment and collective bargaining law, the structure of the company providing training, health and safety at work, environmental protection, planning and preparation of work processes and the monitoring and evaluation of work results, quality management



  • Framework curriculum for the profession of motor vehicle mechatronics technicians (Resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, 2013-04-25)
  • Examination regulations for the profession of motor vehicle mechatronics technicians (German Federal Law Gazette, release year 2008, Part I Nr. 29, issued in Bonn 2013-06-20)

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